Tails of the Laundromut

Everybody knows how to bathe a dog right? Might be true, but after 11 years as a Kennel Owner/Operator I think I can give you some great tips to make bathing easier and longer lasting!
Before getting started have everything you need at washing area. Here is a list of everything you will need!
  • Dog shampoo only
  • Dog conditioner only
  • Cotton in both ears
  • Eye ointment
  • Towels 3-4
  • 2-Wash clothes
  • Non-slip mat
  • Water pitcher
  • Plastic or metal wide tooth comb
  • Hair dryer

After you have gathered everything you need, follow these steps below!

  1. Pre-fill tub before bringing dog in
  2. Starting at neck completely wet dog down
  3. Start shampoo at neck working down to legs, tail, underside, a little soap goes a long way
  4. Rinse starting at neck, ending at underbelly
  5. Let water out of washing area
  6. Apply conditioner, using wide tooth comb to get through all the hair
  7. Rinse at least 2 more times(If you have a double coated, extra heavy coated dog, use full water pitcher and 1/4 cup vinegar as final rinse it will cut the shampoo out of the coat.
  8. After dog is fully rinsed I place a towel over back to keep shaking at a minimum
  9. Soak 1st wash cloth in warm water, starting at top of the head use the wash cloth going against the way the hair lies. Several sweeps along top of head, going down to jawline and under chin
  10. 2nd wash cloth (not as wet) to repeat above
  11. 2nd towel gently going over entire body
  12. 3rd towel if dog is very damp to the touch
Please call Vermillion Kennels if you have questions or you decide you would rather have us do the bath! 952-985-4141
Small $20
Med $30
Large $40
X-Large $50

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